ChainUP and BiKi Bring Toronto Community Together

ChainUP, the world's leading blockchain technology service provider, and BiKi, the most popular new crypto Exchange have successfully hosted a VIP Luncheon in Toronto last week after the end of the Canada's most influential blockchain summit Futurist 2019. The VIP Luncheon invited more than 70 VIP guests, including CEOs, Founders, KOLs from Venture Capitals, Exchanges, Projects and Blockchain institutions from North America. Rose Chen, Head of Node Capital and ChainUP Overseas Market, John Kim, Partner of ChainUP Overseas Business and Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Exchange in South East Asia, have delivered the opening speech and keynote speeches, discussed with the blockchain professionals from North America about the blockchain technology and industry development.

Rose Chen, Head of Node Capital and ChainUP Overseas Market, said Node Capital has invested more than 200 blockchain companies, including Jinse Finance, the world's top blockchain media, ChainUp, the world's leading blockchain technology service provider, Huobi, BiKi, GOKO, the top worldwide Exchanges; as well as HeYueDi and HashFin, the data transaction service provider and mining pool provider. Node Capital has completed the building of blockchain ecosystem since founded in 2016. ChainUP,the world's leading blockchain technology service provider, has served the customer of more than 200 crypto Exchanges and more than 50 digital wallet providers worldwide. ChainUP Capital has been established last year to invest and support the development of more advanced blockchain companies. BiKi has been invested by Node Capital and ChainUP Capital and became to be one of the global top 20 Exchanges ranking by trading volume. ChainUP, BiKi and Node Capital are planning to expand the Canadian and North American market together, connecting a healthy ecosystem with the high-quality Exchange, Blockchain Media, innovative Blockchain Enterprises to provide users with better trading experience, technology and information service.

ChainUP Overseas Business Partner John Kim gave a keynote speech on overview of ChainUP’s overseas business. He quoted: “ChainUP has established 8 different diversified product line: Digital Asset Trading System, Liquidity Aggregation System, Wallet System, Situation Awareness System for Exchanges, Public and Consortium Chain Solutions, Mining Pool System, Blockchain Media System, and Brokerage System. Since North America is one of the biggest markets for cryptocurrency tradings, Canada is a very important target market for ChainUP. We seek to enter the Canadian market by cooperating with local blockchain companies to provide the best blockchain technology to our clients.” Currently, ChainUP is holding 11 national software copyrights in China and all products are fully compliant with ISO27001, worldwide approved Information Security Management System framework. With 150 Blockchain developers on board, ChainUP thrives on providing cutting technology to its clients.

Three core products of ChainUP are Digital Asset Trading Platform, Liquidity Aggregation System and Wallet System, where its white label trading platform includes all Spot, Futures, OTC trading system along with full liquidity and asset custodian services. Clients can also benefit from built-in risk management, AML/CFT, and KYC systems. Last but not least, SaaS-based cloud white label exchange could be deployed in less than 10 minutes, lowering the barrier of operating an exchange. ChainUP wallet solution is developed by a subsidiary company called Hicoin, focusing on APP wallet development with functions including Asset Custodians, Payment Gateway Solutions and Tokenization. In total, there are more than 250 exchange and wallet clients all around the world using ChainUP’s blockchain technology.

Thereafter, BiKi Southeast Asia CEO Ethan Ng proceeded to speak about BiKi’s globalization plans and how BiKi intends to help projects grow with his speech titled “BiKi-Toronto to Global”. BiKi has strong assets in the Chinese market, providing continuous branding and exposure to listed projects via initiatives including publicising them to their 200,000 strong Wechat community members, allowing international projects to have a chance to penetrate into the Chinese market. This meetup in Toronto is just the beginning as BiKi continues to ramp up globalization efforts. Having revealed exclusive VIP events planned for the world’s hottest cryptocurrency trading regions, including USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Malta, BiKi’s speed of growth has intrigued many projects and partners. After his speech, many had come forward eager for a partnership with BiKi. BiKi welcomes VCs, advisors, agencies or consultancies to join BiKi’s latest initiative, BiKi Partner Nodes.

After the speech finished, John Kim, Partner of ChainUP Overseas Business, Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Exchange in South East Asia and Rose Chen, Head of Node Capital and ChainUP Overseas Market invited the local partners, including Founder & CEO of Yesbit Blues Qin, Founder of Blockchain Impact Institute and Blockchain Loyalty ICashRewards Min Kuang, CEO of VirgoCX Adam Cai, CEO of Hibit Blockchain Fiona Wang to toast together to thank all attended guests for coming and look forward for more potential opportunities of long term cooperation.

This VIP Luncheon has invited more than 70 VIP guests, including CEOs, Founders, KOLs from Venture Capitals, Exchanges, Projects and Blockchain Institutions from North America: More than 8 Blockchain Media companies and Communities, including Chinese Headline New Media Toronto, CryptoCanucks, Blockchain Impact, Bay Street Professionals Group, BitcoinBay, Crypto Live Leak, and Canada Blockchain Association; 12 crypto Exchanges, including LinkCoin, Coinsquare, Hitbit, Coins Gold, IBank, VirgoCX and; 7 Investment Institutions including King Capital, Master Ventures, Canadian VC, INP Capital, Satoshi Capital and more than 30 innovative Blockchain companies, including Yesbit, Polymath and OneLedger.

ChainUP, BiKi and Node Capital have started laying out the global market in depth since last year and the global market has been successfully expanded to Japan, Korea, South East Asia, and North America currently. A healthy blockchain ecosystem has been built with the world's excellent enterprises to promote the development of blockchain industry in the future.

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