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MY JOB |往期工作回顾

My Job 151期:BMO - Senior Analyst, Market Risk Operations

Company: BMO

Position: BMO - Senior Analyst, Market Risk Operations

Apply By:  April 18


Job Type: Full-time

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: 250 Yonge Street


The Analyst Is Responsible For

The Senior Analyst is accountable for ensuring that Market Risk’s business management objectives are executed in a timely and effective manner and adhere fully to corporate policy and standards.


  • Planning, forecasting and analysis function in Market Risk through the preparation of monthly and quarterly variance analysis. Perform ad hoc analysis to assist management in meeting its expenditure targets. Ongoing monitoring and reporting of financials and resourcing metrics.

  • Monitoring and testing BMAs (Business Manager Applications) and associated controls, providing ongoing support to the internal stakeholders. routine progress reporting and ensuring compliance with the enterprise control framework

  • Establishing effective onboarding and off-boarding process for Market Risk staff.

  • The Analyst will also assist the Management in –

  • Maintaining an inventory of inter-departmental Service Level Agreements (SLA), routine monitoring and reporting

  • Coordinating ad hoc project deliveries particularly pertaining to new initiatives and enhancements to business processes, workflow tools and documentation of processes across the group.

Key Accountabilities

- Financial Reporting and Forecasting (45%)

  • Analyze and document monthly, quarterly, and annual results by obtaining an understanding of the key drivers of performance relative to internal budget targets.

  • Develop and leverage relationship with group controllers to assist in periodic analysis, planning, and forecasting.

  • Prepare monthly variance reports, actual vs. plan and forecast performance. Analyze differences and discrepancies, including the identification of areas of concern.

  • Use new technology and information systems to improve process and system efficiency.

  • Perform ad hoc analysis and provide information summary reports to support strategic objectives, cost efficiency and management decision-making.

  • Prepare quarterly forecasts to predict performance to plan and identify and anticipate potential variances.

  • Develop and maintain control and monitoring processes, i.e., NIX, policy exceptions, capital expenditures, to support effective financial operation.

  • Tracking and reporting resource requirements in the group and preparing management dashboards to highlight key performance indicators

  • Design processes to ensure data integrity after the extraction and manipulation of financial data for reporting.

  • Monitor industry best practices for developments in business planning methodology and identify opportunities.

-Business Process and Compliance (45%)

  • Ensure effective controls for BMA management process. Conduct internal reviews and provide guidance and support to internal stakeholders. Promote awareness and educate the staff to establish effective controls on the business managed applications. Liaise with Technology department to expedite automation of critical and higher risk rating BMAs. Prepare monthly dashboard for reporting the status to Management.

  • Manage and monitor SLA inventory in the group and routine reporting or related metrics.

  • Support new initiative approval process to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are involved, and feedbacks are received.

  • Coordinate project deliveries and identify dependencies for ad hoc enhancement projects. Escalate any delays and inefficiencies impacting the timely delivery

  • Administer SharePoint repository and ensure access rights are controlled, provide additional support to manage the migration to newer document/content management system.

  • Manage smooth onboarding process for new staff and procedural follow-up on the departing/retiring staff in the group.

  • Support the development of tools, checklists, process maps and communications to address gaps, issues, or new requirements.

-Operational support and improvements (10%)

  • Maintain and update staff database and related routine reporting

  • Assist in executing operational processes and improving efficiency and timeliness

  • Coordinate to continuous improvement initiatives, regulatory and audit initiatives and other regulatory compliance activities.


  • 2 to 3 years of related work experience, preferably in a financial institution

  • Strong knowledge of financial reporting as it pertains to budget and forecasts, accounting, capital expenditures and NIX

  • Good knowledge of risk management and trading room operations, particularly market risk

  • Advanced understanding and awareness of the use of technology in regard to various business applications, particularly MS Office suite including Word, Excel, Access, Project, Powerpoint, Visio, SharePoint etc,

  • Strong knowledge to write and troubleshoot Excel macros, VBA codes and other automation tools, SQL and DB querying tools. PowerBI skills will be an asset.

  • Strong knowledge in business processes, organizational design or change management

  • Adequate understanding of project management tools and experience coordinating project activities

  • Graduate or advanced degree in Accounting, Finance or equivalent general business experience


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including solid interpersonal skills (especially “Listening Skills”)

  • Strong analytic, problem solving and troubleshooting skills

  • Strong planning and organizing skills with the ability to accommodate shifting priorities and manage to tight deadlines

  • Strong facilitation and decision-making skills related to the development of financial strategies and plans over a 1 to 2 year time horizon

  • Strong ability to coordinate, negotiate and influence stakeholders across many pillars within the group and the enterprise.

  • Strong ability to anticipate and understand the implications for process changes, and able to see the big picture by devising multiple actions with recommendations

My Job 151期 JOB A:Executive Assistant - Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Company: Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Position: Membership& Communication Team-Executive Assistant


Apply By:  April 08


Job Type: Volunteer Position - up to 7 hr /week

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


About us





Position Summary

作为Membership & Communications VP的Executive Assistant,你将在一个快节奏的环境中与10名志愿者组成的团队合作,在各种任务上支持团队VP,保证贝街按时且详细地交付所有任务。

Job Duties

  • 协助VP of Membership and Communications完成所有任务,包括但不限于邀请新成员加入各个小组,与潜在导师/志愿者联系,活动准备,PPT准备

  • 准备并审查采访问题和最终采访文章

  • 与所有团队成员保持联系,以确保所有任务都按时完成或在进行中

  • 与Bay Street专业人士、行业领导者和创业者互动,并组织面对面或在线交流,以促进潜在合作

  • 每季度至少参加3次活动(强制要求)

  • 参加每周团队会议(强制要求)

  • 协助任何临时的工作

About You

  • 能够随时执行多任务

  • 优先选择具有过往管理经验的候选人

  • 优先考虑双语(中英文均流利)的候选人

  • 每周可以投入5-7个小时

  • 在大型团队环境中良好工作的能力

  • 良好的沟通能力

  • 注重细节,能够在紧迫的期限内完成任务

My Job 151期 JOB B:Membership Associate / Communication Associate - Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Company: Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Position: Membership Associate / Communication Associate


Apply By:  April 08


Job Type: Volunteer Position - up to 5 hr /week

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


About us





Position Summary

作为贝街Membership and Communication团队的一员,你将在一个快节奏的环境中与15-20名志愿者组成的团队合作,协助并策划贝街职场联盟各公司群的活动,支持VP of Membership and Communications,锻炼沟通及组织能力。

Job Duties

  • 主动或跟进贝街专业人士和学生接触,确保他们了解贝街,然后邀请他们加入合适的微信群

  • 主动联系或跟进需要跟进的潜在导师,以了解他们是否有兴趣参加未来的贝街活动,并与现有贝街导师保持联系

  • 每月进行与各种职业专业人员的正式采访,并发表面试文章(Communication团队)

  • 与各种学生社团/地方组织组成本地的Bay Street Professionals微信群(Membership & Communication团队)

  • 确保贝街成员每周至少提供一份工作(Membership团队)

  • 跟进新成员,看看他们是否有兴趣成为校园导师或贝街志愿者

  • 与Events and Committee团队进行协调,以确保每个公司群每月至少举行一次活动(Membership团队)

  • 每季度参与组织3次活动(Membership& Communication团队)(强制要求)

  • 按时参加每周的团队会议

About You

  • 优先选择具有过往管理经验的候选人

  • 优先考虑双语(中英文均流利)的候选人

  • 每周可以投入5个小时

  • 在大型团队环境中良好工作的能力

  • 良好的沟通能力

  • 注重细节,multi-tasking,能够主动在期限内完成任务

My Job 151期 JOB C:Executive Assistant(Events&PR) - Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Company: Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Position: Events&PR -Executive Assistant


Apply By:  April 06


Job Type: Volunteer Position - up to 5 hr /week

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


About us





Position Summary

贝街VP of Events & PR招募一位团队助理来协助她更好地管理团队及团队任务。团队助理将直接与VP, Events & PR以及团队全体成员共同努力,以确保超前准备提案,准时完成团队任务,并及时跟进后续工作。

Job Duties

  • 参加Events & PR团队的每周团队会议,记录会议纪要,并记录所有任务的进度。

  • 帮助管理共享文件夹中的事件和协作跟踪,并使其保持井井有条。

  • 在deadline前提醒所有团队成员,包括VP。

  • 保留所有活动和赞助信息的记录,管理和分析数据,建立适度的合作伙伴关系和赞助方案。

  • 与贝街所有团队的lead合作,确保有效的沟通和合作。

About You

  • 有团队精神

  • 守时

  • 注重细节

  • 多任务处理

  • 每周可以投入5个小时

  • 有相关经验者优先

My Job 151期 JOB D:PR Team Member - Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Company: Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Position: PR Team Member


Apply By:  April 06


Job Type: Volunteer Position - up to 5 hr /week

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


About us





Position Summary

  • 作为Public Relations团队的一员,你需要协助VP of Events & PR及其他管理团队成员,作为贝街代表,与贝街论坛各个合作方负责人员进行沟通交流,保证合作关系顺利进行。合作方包括且不限于非营利性组织、学生团体、校友团体及赞助商。


Job Duties

  • 参加每周的团队会议,提供有关分配任务的最新信息。

  • 主动与潜在的学生团体,校友团体,NPO和赞助商联系,以组织贝街的活动,并提供有关每个小组的反馈。

  • 确保及时处理所有问题,包括将任何紧急情况通知VP

  • 与BSPG所有团队的所有志愿者合作,确保有效的沟通和合作。

About You

  • 较强的沟通能力

  • 有团队精神

  • 守时

  • 每周可以投入5个小时

  • 赞助和/或谈判的经验

  • 在学校和行业中建立广泛的联系

My Job 151期 JOB E:Marketing Team Member - Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Company: Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Position: Marketing Team Member


Apply By:  April 06


Job Type: Volunteer Position - up to 5 hr /week

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


About us





Position Summary

贝街Marketing划分为编辑组,专栏组,美工视频组,以及平台管理运营四大团队。对于时事新闻、金融财经、人物采访方面具备一定写作经验,或对微信公共号文章编辑,美工,social media平台运营、平面海报设计、视频编辑感兴趣,并乐于在一个有团队合作和富有创造力的环境里工作的朋友欢迎加入。​

Job Duties

  • 写作内容包括时事、新闻、财经、贝街活动,人物专访

  • 对包括新闻、娱乐、生活方式和金融在内的多个领域的时事充满热情并具有一定程度的了解

  • 帮助编辑为指定内容建立长期专栏

  • 确保所有部门的内容都是准确且一致的

  • 利用各种信息来源,产出对读者有吸引力且及时的特殊专栏和版块

  • 利用社交媒体作为编辑内容的附加切入点

  • 通过创建和策划文章、图览、视频、推文和博客,对突发新闻事件做出快速反应

  • 协助整理每周新闻通讯并帮助管理社交媒体平台

  • 按时参加每周的团队会议

About You

  • 出色的编辑判断能力,能够选择引人入胜的故事

  • 开放性、协作性和团队合作能力

  • 能够快速工作并同时处理多个项目

  • 注重细节

  • 较强的口头和书面沟通能力

  • 微信公众号、Web编辑工具和软件(包括Photoshop)的相关经验(不必须)

  • 愿意学习和发展自己的技能

  • 每周可以投入5个小时

My Job 151期 JOB F:IT Team Director  & Member  - Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Company: Bay Street Professional Group (BSPG)

Position: IT Team Director  & Member


Apply By:  April 06


Job Type: Volunteer Position - up to 5 hr /week

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


About us





Position Summary

成为一个有趣,充满活力且成就斐然的开发团队的一分子!作为IT部门的一员,将和IT Director一起学习并搭建贝街著网站,论坛,小程序,设计并制作网站,以及随着团队的要求迭代更新。在Web程序和网站(网页端和手机端)上与其他开发人员和设计人员紧密合作,参与开发的各个阶段。​

Job Duties

  • 负责网页的设计和开发

  • 监督对内部平台的任何更改

  • 协助管理网站上的其他各种任务和功能

  • 更新网站以适应Marketing和Events部门的需求

About You

  • 在使用HTML、Wordpress、JavaScript、CSS、SQL和Perl,使用Photoshop和Illustrator(Adobe Creative Suite)创建图形,使用Flash、ActionScript(Macromedia Studio)或等效版本进行多媒体创建方面的实践经验

  • 良好的沟通能力

  • 渴望并愿意在协作,创新,灵活和面向团队的环境中工作

My Job 150期 JOB A:Business Banking Associate -SUDBURY

Company: TD bank

Position: Business Banking Associate -SUDBURY


Apply By:  March 27


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: SUDBURY


Job Description
The Commercial Associate Program offers focused learning in the areas of Relationship
Management, Financial analysis, Risk management and Industry analysis. This will give you the capability to work closely with a variety of mid -market businesses as they strive to successfully meet their individual and financial goals. Business skills will be put to the test in creating business proposals based on the diverse credit, deposit and cash management needs of our clients.

Department Overview

Business Banking Associate/ Trainee Program Overview:
The Business Banking Associate Program provides an introductory experience into the
interesting and vital world of Business Banking. Over the course of 8-10 months, Associates will learn the fundamentals of commercial lending through financial analysis, risk management and industry analysis. This complex training program will provide fundamental learning and the capability to work closely with a variety of businesses as they strive to successfully meet their individual and financial goals.

Associate Core Competencies:

  • Self-motivated

  • Prospecting ability

  • Relationship sales approach

  • Team player

  • Confident

  • Effective listening skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Business / Academic experience (Finance/Accounting)

  • Mobility within a region is a requirement

Future Career Path:

  • Account Management

  • Analyst

  • Sales Management

  • Cash Management

  • Relationship Management

  • Risk Management

Training & Development
8-10 months hands-on learning & on-side coaching in one of our commercial units
A structured classroom based training program (quarterly)
Training with Account Manager, Analyst, Relationship Manager
Learning Management System (Self-serve learning modules and training road maps)

Job Requirements
Training & Placement
The Associate Program offers a robust and comprehensive training program prior to
placement of an Associate to an Account Management or Analyst role within the district.
Training comprises of mentor based in-branch training, on-line learning and in class
sessions. After successfully completing the program, your People Manager will work with
you in identifying a challenging and rewarding role at one of the Commercial Banking
Centres within your assigned District.

8-10 month hands-on training program in a Commercial Banking Centre 3 classroom based training sessions spanned over the program Self-serve learning map (online training, webinars, tools, resources) Completion of Commercial Lending on-line learning (Moody's program)

Commercial Banking Centre within the assigned District as either an Account Manager or Analyst.

My Job 150期 JOB B:BMO-Senior Analyst, Capital Markets, Regulatory Capital Reporting (Contract)

Company: BMO

Position: Senior Analyst, Capital Markets, Regulatory Capital Reporting (Contract)


Apply By:  March 27


Job Type: contract

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: 100 King Street West


Job Description

Co-ordinate collection of Leverage Exposure (LE), Risk-Weighted Assets (RWA) and Capital data from various sources, mainly CC Basel Data-mart, in order to accurately report Capital Markets (CM) monthly and weekly LE/RWA results/estimates. Aid in day-to-day relationships with clients across CM Finance, CM lines of business, Technology & Solutions, and various enterprise capital oriented teams. Assist CM Finance Capital Managers in reporting RWA used in CM Balance Sheet and Capital Management Committee and other senior management requests, along with the Banks overall reporting to OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions)

Consults on analytical solutions to understand, analyze, and synthesize requirements, goals and objectives relative to data and business intelligence needs and to enable high-quality, fact-based business decisions to drive better business outcomes. Provides advice on the configuration, functionality, applicability, and usability of data management, data analytics, and data visualization technology solutions. Supports the development of the strategy and roadmap for data quality and data analytics, data modeling, reporting, business intelligence, and the design and development of sophisticated decision support tools.

Responsible to efficiently and accurately process, plus continuously enhance, the reporting and data management requirements for large scale and complex Capital Markets (CM) Basel regulatory capital and internal bank capital reporting databases.

Identify streamlining opportunities for the CM LE/RWA Trend Report process and its significant number of underlying procedures. Assist modifying required updates to database queries and associated governance controls.

Drive the production of LE/RWA data directly and indirectly presented at Capital Management Committee meetings, both at the Capital Markets and enterprise levels.

Assist in the timely and accurate analysis of the monthly and weekly Trend reports with respect to business rationale, counterparty reviews and trend analysis.

Coordinate analysis of RWA results as requested, including investigation and resolution of issues; provide supporting analysis in the context of specific business problems, particularly where there is need for clarity, to ensure prudent treatment is consistent with regulatory standards.

Actively support User Acceptance Testing (UAT) procedures related to changes to CC Basel data and related reporting needs/ system changes

Builds effective relationships with internal/external stakeholders.

Leads/participates in the design, implementation and management of new analytics & reporting solutions.

Designs, develops, and implements innovative analytical solutions.

Designs and produces regular and ad-hoc reports, and dashboards.

Breaks down strategic problems, and analyses data and information to provide subject matter insights and recommendations.

Structures and assembles data into multi-dimensions with various granularities (e.g., demographics, customers, products, transactions).

Monitors and tracks tool performance, user acceptance testing, and addresses any issues.
Integrates information from multiple sources to enable more efficient processes, enhanced analysis and/or streamlined reporting.

Breaks down strategic problems, and analyses data and information to provide subject matter insights and recommendations.

Designs, develops, and implements innovative analytical solutions.

Designs and produces regular and ad-hoc reports, and dashboards.

Builds reports and visualizations to effectively communicate data driven insights to users for a variety of audiences e.g. visualization solutions of data into reports, graphics, dashboards to illustrate facts, trends, and insights.

Develops solutions and makes recommendations based on an understanding of the business strategy and stakeholder needs.

Supports development and execution of strategic analytics & reporting initiatives in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Analyzes data and information to provide subject-matter insights and recommendations.
Develops tools and delivers training programs for use of reporting tools and self-serve analytics by non-analytical end users; may include delivery of training to audiences.
Documents and maintain operational procedures and processes relating to analytical and reporting processes.


Builds effective relationships with internal/external stakeholders.
Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders in order to deliver on business objectives.

Focus is primarily on business/group within BMO; may have broader, enterprise-wide focus.

Exercises judgment to identify, diagnose, and solve problems within given rules.

Works independently on a range of complex tasks, which may include unique situations.
Broader work or accountabilities may be assigned as needed

Report to the Director, CM Capital, all positions, exposures or other factors that may expose the Bank to unusual, unexpected or otherwise not fully identified or quantified risks associated with CM capital reporting.

Assist in explaining, seeking feedback, and providing diagnostics and analytical supports to allow various Bank departments (e.g. Global Markets (GM) and Investment & Corporate Banking (I&CB) Finance, Operational Risk Group, Business Operation GM, etc.) to understand LE/RWA and variances from month over month.

  • 2 to 4 years of related work experience, preferably in a financial institution with data management and reporting focus;

  • Superior analytic, database, and troubleshooting skill

  • S uperior proficiency in Microsoft Office, including MS Access

  • Understanding of CM products and markets, as well as the valuation and risk management methodologies associated with these from a risk and capital reporting perspective is an asset

  • Typically between 4 - 6 years of relevant experience and post-secondary degree in related field of study or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Knowledge and experience in data preparation, data analysis, and statistical tool sets including but not limited to Spotfire, Tableau, SQL, SAS, R, Python, MAtlab, SPSS - Very good.

  • Technical proficiency gained through education and/or business experience.

  • Verbal & written communication skills - In-depth.

  • Collaboration & team skills - In-depth.

  • Analytical and problem solving skills - In-depth.

  • Influence skills - In-depth.

  • Data driven decision making - In-depth.

My Job 150期 JOB C:Actuarial Analyst , RBC Insurance

Company: RBC

Position: Actuarial Analyst , RBC Insurance


Apply By:  March 27


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Mississauga

Job Description

Pricing Framework and Product Development (20%)

  • This position provides technical assistance to the Group Annuity team in Axis model development for Group Annuity.

Group Annuity Quote Development (70%)

  • Analyzing and quantifying modeling potential risks associated with the RFQ.

  • Using Axis and Datalink software to properly model and assess the risk and to price the RFQ as per pricing guidelines and guidance from Group Annuity team.

  • Work with RBC various stakeholders (Investments, Operations, Finance, GRMI, Legal) during the quote and implementation process.

  • During implementation process ensure proper administration of placed deals with guidance from Group Annuity team. 

Portfolio Management (10%)

  • Provide support to Group Annuity Product Analyst regarding manual calculation of commuted values, retirement of deferred vested members and marriage breakdown calculations and implementation files.  

Candidate Description

  • 1 to 3 years of pension and/or life insurance experience in either a pricing, product development or valuation role

  • Strong knowledge of AXIS software and Datalink software is a requirement

  • Strong knowledge in MS Word, Excel, Access and Outlook is a requirement

  • Working knowledge of Canadian pension plan rules and regulations is an asset

  • Effective time management skills

  • Solid technical and analytical skills with strong problem solving ability

  • Highly motivated self-starter

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Superior customer service skills

  • Strong team player

  • Ability to work effectively independently and as part of a virtual team

  • Knowledge of Group Annuity is a definite asset

  • Ability to speak and write in French is considered an asset


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance or Accounting or equivalent combination of education and experience

  • Actively pursuing an SOA designation

About RBC

Royal Bank of Canada is Canada’s largest bank, and one of the largest banks in the world, based on market capitalization. We are one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies, and provide personal and commercial banking, wealth management, insurance, investor services and capital markets products and services on a global basis. We employ approximately 79,000 full- and part-time employees who serve more than 16 million personal, business, public sector and institutional clients through offices in Canada, the U.S. and 38 other countries.


RBC supports a broad range of community initiatives through donations, sponsorships and employee volunteer activities. In 2014, we contributed more than $111 million to causes worldwide, including donations and community investments of more than $76 million and $35 million in sponsorships.

My Job 149期:CIBC -  Manager, AML Analytics

Company: CIBC

Position: Manager, AML Analytics


Apply By:  March 20


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


What You’ll Be Doing
Risk Analytics and Risk Modelling is responsible for the development of analytics to measure and optimizefraud, AML and credit risk performance.
The Fraud and AML Analytics team supports the development of fraud and AML risk strategy todeliver CIBC's client experience, risk management, and business growth objectives.Reporting to the Director, the Manager, AML Analytics is responsible for independently leading andsupporting the analytical requests of the AML compliance program and is responsible for the effectivenessof all AML data quality, accuracy and analytics.

Kindly note: A strong candidate has been identified; however qualified candidates may still apply

How You’ll Succeed

  • Quantitative Analytics– Lead the quantitative analytical work based on model risks, business needs and regulatory requirements while fostering a continuous improvement culture. Demonstrate considerable knowledge and analytic capabilities through the development of quantitative data analysis and data mining solutions, emphasizing the development of database driven reports and analyses. Maintain a high level of competency in statistical and analytical principles, tools and techniques. Assesses data quality and potential impacts.


  • Technical / Data Modelling Skills– Develop rules and models that continuously improve the effectiveness of the fraud and AML transaction monitoring systems. Have the ability to translate business requirements to technical specifications for technology to implement, also have the ability to review and assess technology systems relative to business requirements.You have proven experience in the management of complex technology systems and testing and implementing changes to technological systems. You will also be required to support/participate in data quality efforts and the expansion of transaction monitoring coverage to new product types.


  • AML Expertise – It’s an asset if you have working knowledge of Customer Due Diligence and Transaction Monitoring modules and anti-fraud or compliance systems.


  • Communication & Collaboration – Manage relationships with technology partners and external vendors to ensure the systems supporting the program are operating effectively and efficiently. You have the ability to coordinate efforts within compliance teams as well as across multiple business units and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with all levels of the organization

Who You Are

  • You can demonstrate experience in analytics or technical fields (2 + years), ideally in a financial services industry, or regulatory agency or law firm involving compliance issues. SQL programming and conducting data mining, query performance and tuning. You also have a good understanding with statistical and computer software, or other analytical tools such as SAS, Python, R, SQL, Microsoft Word/Excel/Power Point, knowledge in UNIX or PC environment for modeling.


  • You have a degree/diploma in Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or related quantitative fields


  • You embrace and champion change. You'll continuously evolve your thinking and the way you work in order to deliver your best.


  • You look beyond the moment. You make decisions and take actions that will make a difference today and tomorrow. You proactively seek new opportunities to define what's possible.


  • You understand that success is in the details. You notice things that others don't. Your critical thinking skills help to inform your decision making.


  • Values matter to you. You bring your real self to work and you live our values – trust, teamwork and accountability. ​

What CIBC Offers

  • At CIBC, our people are our greatest asset. You’ll become part of a diverse community that acknowledge everyone’s unique talents, and empowers teams to do what’s right for the client, and to do it well. As part of our team, you will: Thrive: Benefit from an open and approachable culture that provides the flexibility and support you need to integrate your life at work and at home

  • Connect: Work in a place where the right technology and infrastructure fosters innovation,collaboration and creativity

  • Develop: Grow your skills and career through our best-in-class onboarding experience,ongoing learning opportunities, individual development planning, and comprehensive product training

  • Prosper: Share in our collective success with a competitive salary, incentive pay, banking benefits, health benefits program, and employee share purchase plan

My Job 147期:

Manager, Risk-Based Pricing and Capital Planning

Company: CWB

Position: Manager, Risk-Based Pricing and Capital Planning


Apply By:  March 1


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


Company Statement

CWB Financial Group is a diversified financial services organization providing specialized service in business and personal banking, trust, and wealth management across Canada. Our approach to business is straightforward: we work hard and with integrity, we practice common-sense thinking, we’re accountable for our actions, and we care about our people. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do every day to help our clients grow their businesses, manage their money and realize their financial potential! Learn more at

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) is a corporate risk management department has direct oversight accountabilities for Operational and Market Risk Management as well as ownership of economic forecasting, stress testing conditional credit modeling; risk-adjusted pricing oversight and the annual ICAAP exercise.

As the Manager, Risk Based Pricing & Capital Planning you will support the design and implementation of the Risk Adjusted Return on Capital Framework (RAROC) and support the annual Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP). You will leverage your banking and AIRB knowledge to calculate the risk adjusted return on capital and minimum price thresholds of CWB loans, and provide support in coordinating and documenting processes and procedures for Stress Testing, ICAAP and Recovery Planning..


What we offer?

  • The opportunity to make a difference - our culture thrives on idea-sharing, collaboration and the ability to create impact.

  • Rewarding, enterprising and engaging atmosphere where you will be able to see your contributions at work.

  • Understanding balance: We know our people have places to go, people to see and good times to have when they’re not at work and we support that.

  • An award-winning benefits packages that include 100% company-funded health coverage (dental, vision and prescriptions), health care spending account, a flexible wellness program and CWB Balance Day (extra day off with pay!).

  • Company ownership: every employee has the opportunity to be an owner with our employee share purchase plan (ESPP).

  • Competitive salary and pay for performance incentives.

  • Continual learning opportunities and professional development training to grow your talent and realize your aspirations and potential.


What you will do:

  • Document the methodology for calculating Risk Adjusted Return on Capital measures that are applied across the group at the individual deal level. This includes appropriate credit risk and overhead cost allocation as well as derivation of minimum loan yields required to maintain target return on equity to shareholders.

  • Work with Finance and the Risk IT team to obtain up to date fee information on an individual loan basis for use in RAROC calculations.

  • Review SAS code and scorecard user interface (prepared by the Risk IT function) to ensure that it is aligned with the documented methodology for RAROC calculations.

  • Work closely with the Risk IT team to develop a batch run process to obtain updated RAROC and profitability measures of all deals across the portfolio on a regular basis.

  • Work with stakeholders to prepare work plans for completing stress testing and forecasting activities throughout the year, keeping track of timelines and deliverables of the different teams.

  • Prepare reporting on portfolio RAROC results, providing analysis of profitability trends across CWB’s risk ratings and lending verticals

  • Prepare documentation of the procedures followed for the preparation of the bank’s ICAAP and more regular stress testing exercises.

  • Maintain documentation of overhead cost allocation to the individual deal level agreed by the Executive Vice President of Banking and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

  • Track existing ‘RAROC-Light’ results for Group Credit Risk Committee and support the preparation of Board reporting on Second Line of Defence for Profitability.

  • Work with individual subsidiaries to develop their cost allocation methodologies

  • Ensure that the methodologies and the appropriate cost of funds from the Funds Transfer Pricing Framework are appropriately documented and incorporated into both RAROC calculations in A-IRB scorecards, prospecting scorecards and batch portfolio RAROC calculations.

  • Coordinate Economic Capital calculations and support aggregation on a quarterly basis.

  • Provide planning and coordination support for the preparation of the Bank’s ICAAP exercise, including preparation of forecasts and stress scenarios, calculation of expected credit losses and provisions as well as balance sheet forecasts of capital adequacy against regulatory capital and economic capital requirements and documentation.

  • Provide support and tracking of timelines for updating the CWB Recovery Plan

  • Support business leaders to develop competitive pricing strategies and framework to incentivise clients, facilitate growth of strategic business lines, cover appropriate overhead costs, and provide desired return on required capital to shareholders.


Essential Education and Experience:

  • Undergraduate or graduate education in Business, Finance, Accounting, Economics or Applied Mathematics.

  • Minimum 3-5 years of professional experience in a financial institution or corporate organization.

  • Experience working with large data sets of lending portfolios and or client information and preparation of data visualizations and reporting dashboards

  • Experience preparing written reports that summarize data with figures and graphs

  • Familiarity with profitability analysis and risk adjusted return on capital measures

  • Advanced programing and coding skills in SAS is required (familiarity with Enterprise Guide is not sufficient, the candidate must posses competent to advanced skills in directly writing SAS code).

Essential Personal Competencies:

  • Ability to work with quantitative and qualitative data, analysis and reporting using databases and spreadsheets.

  • Experience in business and/or technical writing with clear and concise written communication skills.

  • Ability to work with statistics, probabilities and financial modelling. Excellent analytical skills.

  • Excellent written communication skills. Candidates must be able to write clear, coherent sentences without grammatical errors and should be able to summarize technical concepts in writing for a non-technical audience.

  • Highly organized and a strong attention to detail.

  • A natural organizer with time management skills, able to independently manage multiple work streams without constant supervision.

  • Independently motivated and able to take the initiative to progress projects when guidance from their leader is not available.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a collaborative work environment.

The Extras (Nice-to-Have’s):

  • GARP FRM or CFA would be an asset (preference for former)

  • Experience and/or familiarity with ICAAP (or ORSA) and OSFI’s E-19 guideline.

  • Experience and/or knowledge of commercial banking.

  • Familiarity and/or knowledge of A-IRB modeling techniques for PD and LGD.

My Job 146期:

Deloitte - Analyst, Financial Engineering & Modeling

Company: Deloitte

Position: Analyst, Financial Engineering & Modeling


Apply By:  two weeks


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 


Location: Toronto


Company Statement

Launch your career with The One Firm where you can make a greater impact than you ever thought possible. With endless opportunities at every turn, and a culture built to support and drive our people to be the very best they can be, Deloitte is The One Firm for you to learn, grow, create, and lead.

At Deloitte, we understand that everyone, and his or her career goals, are different. As a firm, we help create the conditions and opportunities that will enable our people to thrive – both professionally and personally. We do this by making three commitments to our people:

  • You will lead at every level: We grow the world’s best leaders so you can achieve the impact you seek, faster.

  • You can work your way: We give you the means to work how you want, and we have innovative spaces and the mindset to help you be wildly successful.

  • You will feel included and inspired: We create a deep sense of belonging where you can bring your whole self to work.


Job Outline

The Financial Engineering & Modelling, Financial Advisory team comprises of eminent bunch of subject matter experts from Quantitative Finance background working across risk/insurance modelling, valuations, Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) related financial sphere.

Working with this team will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Work in a fast-paced and thought-provoking environment with like-minded people who are experienced and respected in quantitative finance fields.

  • Engage in group works with our team to develop solutions for our clients.

  • Develop professional skills needed to advance in your chosen career path.

  • Exposure to high-profile clients including banks, insurance firms, funds, credit unions through a variety of engagements.


Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Build complex derivatives (e.g. swaps, swaptions, structured notes, etc.) valuation models;

  • Carry out various complex financial analyses including derivatives valuation;

  • Develop and / or validate different quantitative risk models according to best market practices;

  • Be involved in different risk management consulting projects for our clients;

  • Cultivate relationships with clients and possess a strong knowledge in leveraging prevalent methodologies;

  • Employ a structured approach to project management to ensure complete client satisfaction and project profitability;

  • Develop your expertise in a specialization and your reputation as a business advisor;

  • Contribute to practice growth and development.



  • 0-2 years of relevant experience in either a model development or model vetting function;

  • Ph.D. (or Master Degree) in a quantitative discipline, such as Financial Engineering, Financial Mathematics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Statistics;

  • Solid programming skills (e.g. Python/Matlab/Visual Basic/C++/C#) and knowledge of database management tools (SQL, SAS, etc.);

  • Knowledge of financial products (e.g. options, swaps, etc.) and its modeling and calibration in both risk neutral and real world with emphasis on interest rate derivative products;

  • Knowledge of industry systems and applications as Bloomberg, Reuters, and FINCAD is an asset;

  • Knowledge of quantitative methodologies in market risks (e.g. FRTB, CCR, CVA, Basel parameters, Stress Testing, VaR, etc.);

  • Knowledge in time series analysis and ability to work with large data sets;

  • Familiarity with US / CA regulatory requirements is an asset;

  • Relevant professional designation (i.e. FRM, CFA) is beneficial, though not required;

  • Capacity to work under deadline pressures;

  • Good verbal and written communication skills;

  • Strong commitment to professional and client service excellence;

  • Canadian travel required, occasional international travel. Candidates must be able to enter the USA to work on client assignments.

My Job 145期:

Manulife - Manager, Expense Shared Services

Company: Manulife

Position: Manager, Expense Shared Services


Apply By: Feb, 29th, 2020


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 



Salary Range: 80-130k

Location: Toronto


Are you looking for unlimited opportunities to develop and succeed? With work that challenges and makes a difference, within a flexible and supportive environment, we can help our customers achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Job Description

Reporting to the Director, Expense Shared Services, the Manager will be responsible for the activities for the development, implementation and maintenance of monthly expenses, headcount, and efficiency metric analysis, reporting, planning and forecasting with a focus on GWAM Marketing & Analytics functional reporting. Working closely with the expense shared service team and collaborating with the functional business partners, the candidate will provide streamlined support and thoughtful analysis to both functional leaders and the segment expense teams. The incumbent will possess the ability to work with people at all levels of the organization. The Manager will also be responsible for providing ongoing leadership to staff across the expense shared service.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Deliver monthly expense reports to functional leaders and stakeholders according to the shared service model. Ensure quality of data and oversee the development of reporting which meets the needs of our customers. Provide value-added analysis along with clear and concise commentary on results for our customers.

  • Participate in forecasting and budgeting process by partnering with key finance and business areasto develop and maintain forecasts and budgets

  • Demonstrate a strong technical understanding of the accounting for expenses including company policies and sufficient business knowledge to be able to verify and analyze information under review.

  • Report and provide analysis on consolidated global function expense performance and outlook.

  • Use appropriate judgment in dealing with unexpected issues and requests, demonstrating an ability to prioritize work, and balance resource requirements to achieve solutions.

  • Play a key role as part of the Expense Management leadership team in the achievement of projects, the goals of process improvement and best practices in expense reporting.

  • Identify expense risk and opportunities and recommend and influence actions for functional business partners.

  • Able to independently verify and reconcile information being reviewed. Ensuring accuracy of information and output delivered.

  • Leadership and Team Development:

  • Cultivate an innovative environment by supporting creativity and high performance teamwork.

  • Lead opportunities to collaborate across teams to innovate and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Model and encourage collaborative team behaviours (Get it done together, Share your humanity)

  • Expand personal network and relationships within the business area supported and the finance teams and demonstrate you have leveraged these expanded partnerships in delivering business results.

  • Drive continuous improvement in engagement throughout the organization.


  • Accounting designation (CA, CMA, CGA, CPA) with 5+ years of relevant experience in progressive accounting roles.

  • University degree in business, finance or equivalent.

  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate, negotiate and influence effectively.

  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently, particularly in the area of using sound, independent judgment, problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Results oriented, able to manage expectations, work under tight deadlines and manage competing priorities.

  • Excellent customer focus and commitment to quality.

  • Strong business acumen with ability to communicate complex concepts and results in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner (written and verbal).

  • Solid analytical and technical capability - ability to assimilate/summarize a large amount of information from multiple sources and present in a value-added form for senior management

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and ability to learn new applications quickly

  • Essbase and Lawson knowledge (or other complex GL package) would be an asset.

My Job 144期:

Apply By: Jan, 21th, 2020


Job Type:  Intern - Trading Floor Risk Analyst, Strategy and Risk (12 or 16 month contract)

BayStreet Job ID: 



Location: Toronto


Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Toronto, CA


As part of the Strategy and Risk department, the Public Market Risk team is located on the trading floor and is responsible for


  • The design and support of the enterprise risk system which involves risk modelling initiatives, risk analytics for investment strategies, etc.

  • Working closely with the funds’ public market investment teams (Capital Market/Public Equities) on various risk analysis to support their day to day portfolio management activities

  • Working with team members on various debugging and system enhancements to the in-house risk-analytics platform. 

Who You’ll Work With

As an Intern – Trading Floor Risk Analyst in Strategy & Risk, you will work with and learn from a team of highly qualified, multi-disciplinary team of financial engineers and software developers. This is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Learn about quantitative finance and risk management in a leading financial institution

  • Get an in-depth exposure into how finance and technology interacts

  • Get valuable experience in understanding how large financial systems work

What You’ll Do

  • You will play a key role in operating the day to day operations and will assist in risk analysis for investment teams and implementing new risk analytics to support investment strategies and trading activities.

  • You will need to understand how capital markets work and risk concepts in general

  • You will need to have a good understanding of different financial products, for instance, bond, equity, inflation, and credit products etc.

  • You do not need to have this knowledge to start with but will need to have great passion in learning about these products and also have passion on the technology side as well. The technologies involved are C#.NET, VBA, Matlab, relational database, and OLAP Cube.

What You’ll Need

  • Great passion in learning finance / math / technology to solve various real world financial problems

  • Excellent learning ability and self-motivated in research

  • Good programming skills, C# preferable

  • Good database knowledge

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written

  • Outstanding problem solving skills

  • Must be enrolled in 2nd, 3rdor 4th year of studies

  • You should be enrolled in a co-op program or returning back to your studies after the work term is completed

What we’re offering

  • Numerous opportunities for professional growth and development through lunch and learns and online learning through Degreed which offers thousands of courses on a variety of different subjects

  • Student led team building events on a monthly basis

  • Discount programs including Edvantage and Perkopolis

At Ontario Teachers', we are a globally minded organization and take pride ensuring that the people we hire and the culture we create reflects and celebrates diversity of thought, background and experience.

My Job 143期:

Apply By: Jan, 25th, 2020


Job Type: Full Time, Contract

BayStreet Job ID: 



Salary Range: $14.00 to $18.00 /hour

Location: Markham


Job Description


Major Responsibilities

Greet and direct onsite guests answer, screen and forward all incoming calls and handling callers’ inquiries whenever possible draft correspondences and other formal documents photocopying, filing, faxing, scanning prepare all outgoing mail for Canada Post and ICS courier develop and implement organized filing systems receive & respond emails perform all other office tasks as required to assist other team members


Qualifications and Skills

Excellent English communication skills – written & verbal excellent knowledge of MS Office (particularly Word and Excel)


Good organizational and multi-tasking abilities.


Detail oriented, Accurate, Ability to recognize problems and errors, investigate and correct as needed Reliable and punctual customer-service oriented


Ability to work in a team environment to achieve common goals One must have a reliable transportation for commute fluent in Chinese would be an asset


All submissions are welcome, only those invited for an interview will be contacted.

My Job 142期:

Knowledge First Financial - Senior Plan Accountant

Company: Knowledge First Financial

Position: Senior Plan Accountant


Apply By: December, 17th, 2019


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 



Salary Range: 70-80k

Location: Mississauga


Knowledge First Financial is one of Canada’s leading Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) providers, with assets under management of $6.3 billion as of November 30, 2019.  Knowledge First’s mission is to encourage and assist Canadians obtain a post-secondary education by providing peace-of-mind savings solutions. We are determined to be FIRST…

             F = First come our customers

             I = Innovation in everything we do

             R = Results determine success

             S = Sales drive our business

             T = Teamwork toward a common goal

This is your chance to be part of an exceptional group of people, to make positive contributions that help Canadian families, working in an environment that is focused on satisfying employees and customers alike.  If you demonstrate our values listed above and you thrive on change and positive growth, apply for a position with us today.  Our company is growing, and it is an exciting time.  We’d love to have you join our team and help make Knowledge First Financial the recognized leader in providing education savings solutions for Canadians.

The Senior Plan Acountant is responsible for accurately compiling, analyzing and reporting the financial data of Knowledge First Financial’s three domestic RESP Plans.  You will be responsible for preparing financial statements and management reports. This information is issued to internal and external users, including regulators and is used to prepare for external audits, prepare internal budgets and to make investment decisions.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Monthly accounting and analysis – timely calculation / valuation and reconciliation of data for preparation of monthly financial results for all Plans and their investment performance.  This includes journal entries, reports, schedules, and reconciliations to complete month-end processes and support for internal documentation.

  • Financial reporting - monthly preparation and analysis of Plans’ financial statements (statements of net assets, cash flow, operations, changes in net assets, and changes in subscriber savings and income accounts).

    • Periodic (semi-annual and annual) preparation of financial presentations to the independent Board of Directors and/or its Audit, Finance and Risk Management Committee.

    • Monthly preparation of management summary of key financial balances

  • Financial Statements and MRFPs

    • Semi-annual preparation of financial statements under IFRS accounting principles for SEDAR and other regulatory filings and for distribution to plan subscribers and related users

    • Annual preparation of audited financial statements under IFRS accounting principles and management report of financial performance (MRFPs) for SEDAR and other regulatory filings and for distribution to plan subscribers and related users

  • External Audit – important contact throughout the annual external audit, field questions on valuations and estimates, and resolve audit differences

  • Research, analysis and information gathering for various projects and assignments (i.e. testing of system changes and/or project-related issues)

    • Subject matter expert for systems development, enhancements and fixes related to Plan accounting

  • Maintenance of the accounting system report writer, set-up of GLs in Microsoft’s Business Central; monitoring, analyzing and clearing of suspense and other critical accounts; and conducting reasonability analysis of accounts and financials periodically

  • Ensuring that SOPs are up to date and available for use anytime

  • Ensuring monthly reconciliaitons are recorded and addressed

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in accounting, finance or business administration

  • Accounting Designation:  Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Experience in Plan accounting within the Financial Services Sector

  • External audit experience in the asset management industry strongly preferred

  • Proficient with IFRS requirements for Asset Managers and Plan Accounting

  • Microsoft’s Business Central knowledge and experience is desirable

  • Strong analytical skills to enable income and expense analysis, account reconciliation, preparation of regulatory reports and information for auditors, and issue data used in regulatory filings and annual reports (eg. prospectus filing)

  • Highly analytical, with ability to define issues, collect appropriate data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.

  • Advanced Microsoft excel skills with ability to create/record macros, create/maintain formulated excel spreadsheets, and high proficiency in excel functions

  • Proven dedication to internal/external customer needs

  • Honest, ethical and trustworthy attitude

  • Demonstrated focus on results and business/operational improvements

  • Proven ability to organize, plan work and set and achieve objectives.

  • Desire to work in a team environment, in multiple different capacities and to provide guidance and oversight to more junior members of the team

  • Solid working knowledge of software and database systems used in financial reporting

  • Ability to leverage technology for the analysis of data or implementation of processes.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to summarize and present complex financial data in an organized, concise manner

  • Must be able to work independently and have the ability to interact with co-workers, management, auditors and/or regulators

  • Completion of Canadian Securities Course (CSC) an asset as well as any level of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Preferred Experience:

  • in the past deal with auditors

  • detail-oriented

  • prepare Financial Statement/MRFP

My Job 141期:

Manulife - Property Accountant - Commercial


Position: Property Accountant - Commercial


Apply By: December, 13th, 2019


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 



Salary Range: 60-70k

Location: Toronto


Job Description

Are you a designated accountant with experience working in the real estate industry, supporting the accounting for commercial property (such as office, industrial, and retail properties)? Do you have experience working for a large corporate organization with a portfolio of property in multiple countries? Are you an expert user of Yardi? If so, we have an excellent opportunity for you! 


We are currently looking for a Commercial Property Accountant. In this role you will work full time hours on a 12 month assignment, earning a pay rate competitive within the industry. As a Commercial Property Accountant your responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:


  • Responsible for property accounting on a complex set of commercial real estate accounting that could include office, industrial, and retail properties located within our global portfolio.

  • Responsible for properties within complex legal entity structures such as funds, REIT’s, and/or joint-ventures.

  • Preparation of month-end, quarter-end, and year-end property accounting including financial statements according to accounting standards and conducts comprehensive business-focused variance analysis and commentaries regarding variances.

  • Maintain and update monthly and annual general ledger account reconciliation working papers and follow-up to ensure items are cleared according to guidelines, procedures, policies, and deadlines.

  • Responsible for property accounting journal entries including operating expense accruals, revenue accruals, amortization, depreciation, and other entries as required.

  • Review, code, and ensure processing of accounting related accounts payable such as audit fees, property taxes, and tax remittances (GST/HST/QST/State Tax/etc.).

  • Responsible to provide guidance and support on complex bank reconciliations to Revenue Accountants.

  • Setup and maintain straight line rent and responsible for straight line rent variance analysis.

  • Calculate and prepare tenant chargebacks as required such as direct use utilities to tenants.

  • Prepare and submit annual municipal property tax and other regulatory related financial and operational reporting requirements for review.

  • Contributes to the preparation and consolidation of property budgets and forecasts including calculating key accounting budget items and reviewing to ensure property accounting budgets are reasonable such as: reviewing and validating leasing revenue, CAM & TAX recoveries by tenant, straight-line rent, and fixed assets.

  • Create and maintain tenant CAM & TAX recovery models in accordance with tenant lease terms and prepares tenant year end CAM and Tax billings/invoicing in accordance with tenant lease terms

  • Ensure all GST/HST/QST/State Tax and other legislated taxes are reconciled and remitted;

  • Key reviewer and contributor to the lease administration workflow including reviewing lease term inputs for accuracy and helping to determine recoveries and straight-line rent setups.

  • Create and monitor cash flow projections, prepare cash call and distribution instructions.

  • Reconciliation of taxes as required (GST/HST/QST) including remittances.

  • Provide internal & external audit support including gathering and collecting financial related information.

  • Assist in the accounting of property acquisitions and dispositions and participate in the due diligence and statement of adjustment phases, as required;

  • Adhere to all SOX/MAR and operational controls to ensure no exceptions or misstatements.

  • Participate in special projects and process improvements.

  • Responsible for the delivery of month-end and quarter-end closing and reporting activities for assigned portfolio including monthly management reports as required by property management and asset management, monthly supporting documentation package for audit purposes, variance analysis, and corporate analysis and ad hoc reporting.

  • Ensure accounting processes are executed efficiently and effectively across the portfolio, and technology and system generated reports are fully utilized.

  • Mentor and act as a go-to resource for Property Accountants including help with training new team members.



  • Develop your skills working for a globally recognized organization

  • Work full time hours on a 12 month assignment

  • Earn a competitive rate within the market

  • Downtown Toronto, ON location



  • ‼️5-7+ years of commercials property accounting experience is preferred‼️

  • Professional accounting designation (CPA) is required with university degree in a related discipline.

  • Extensive property accounting experience gained working with a variety of commercial real estate types including office, retail, and industrial

  • Experience mentoring team members, training new team members, and other introductions to team supervision.

  • Experience with enterprise level real estate systems is required, experience with Yardi is preferred.

  • Expertise in property accounting including tenant recoveries and real estate accounting theory, concepts, and standards.

  • Excellent communication including strong written and verbal communication with team members and ability to communicate effective in business terminology with property management, asset management, and other stakeholders.

  • Highly organized with an exceptional attention to detail.

  • Effective time management skills, works well under pressure to meet tight deadlines; ability to handle multiple demands and competing priorities; ability to prioritize workload; ability to work and analyze at a high level; willingness to learn in a dynamic environment that includes new ideas and change

  • The ability to perform with exceptional integrity, always striving to do the right thing and help to create an environment built on trust, honesty and respect.

  • Keen interest and dedication to life-long learning and self-improvement.

  • Dedication to service excellence for customers, clients, and team members with an eagerness to share ideas and look for opportunities to improve.

My Job 140期:

Senior Manager, Review & Testing Governance - Scotia Bank

Company: Scotia Bank

Position: Senior Manager, Review & Testing Governance


Apply By: December 3th, 2019


Job Type: Full Time

BayStreet Job ID: 



Location: Toronto



The Senior Manager is responsible for providing expert testing support by performing regulatory and operational reviews focused on key controls and based on the established guidelines and approved methodology. Responsible for successfully performing all review testing procedures and comply with minimum regulatory and operational standards, ensuring local and Enterprise-wide Policies, as well as local and global regulatory requirements are understood and met in their respective countries / region. 


The Senior Manager is responsible for the review and monitoring of the effectiveness of operational and regulatory controls as well as being responsible for supporting the governance framework, providing support to business lines through escalations, monitoring program breaches or gaps, reviewing controls as required and report the effectiveness of the 1st Line Testing Program in the country.  



Provide support through reviews and issue identification for all Business Lines to effectively implement the Global Quality Assurance & Testing program, incorporating any potential country specific exceptions/variances to global procedures and policies:Provide support to ensure alignment, effectiveness and compliance of local and global testing programs including AML/ATF, Sanctions, Sales Practices and other Operational testing programs:

  • Assist in executing and maintaining a robust 1st Line Testing program, including reviews, testing plan, sampling methodologies, schedules and reporting.

  • Assess branch results and validate ongoing remediation activities in order to determine whether issues identified are systemic and develop appropriate corrective action plans, as necessary. 

  • Maintain the 1st Line Testing program, identifying and implementing opportunities for increased effectiveness, efficiency, and risk mitigation. 

  • Remaining current on all operational policies and procedures through reviews of the Bank’s manuals / policies, as well as country specific processes that are directly related to the scope of review.

  • Monitor the regulatory environment for emerging legislation and policy statements. Keep abreast of trends and industry best practices through review and understanding of current regulatory environment. 

  • Escalate to the Director 1B Testing Design & Sustainment any testing issues, red Flags, as necessary, in coordination with Business Line Management. Provide support and guidance on 1st Line Testing Program.

  • Support by identifying issues through testing reviews of branches and other required channels in response to, and in support of, the Business Line’s needs. 

  • Work with local and global stakeholders to gather different perspectives on reviews and monitoring of the 1st Line Testing Program and assess impact on the country’s operating model, providing feedback to Director 1B Testing Design & Sustainment, Senior Management, IOSS – AML and 1B Testing Governance & Sustainment and Enterprise AML group within International Banking. Monitoring, Reporting and Control

  • Through a cycle of activities, Senior Manager will continuously assess inherent risks and mitigating controls in the execution of established procedures.

  • Conduct monitoring and testing to ensure the effective and compliant execution and sustainability of the 1st Line Testing Program.

  • Assist in developing and maintaining metrics and reporting of findings and progress against remediation objectives.

  • Review reports of the results of progress against the program’s Testing plan; and monitor results and associated corrective actions, making recommendations to management on control gaps, as needed.

  • Implement testing methodologies to analyze branch data and identify areas for improvement, making recommendations to Business Line Management and IOSS – AML.

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with control testing or audit experience in an operations, regulatory or compliance capacity 

  • Prior experience in examinations/auditing roles, and an understanding of testing methodology and risk and controls analysis. 

  • Knowledge of banking policies, procedures and processes, including internal control principles

  • Understanding of business requirements for both policies and documentation requirements

  • Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). 

  • Ability to work and travel independently at various branch locations both locally and internationally when needed. 

  • Degree in business or law

  • Spanish Fluency, (written & Verbal)

My Job 139期:

Junior Accountant, Global A/R and Collections - AudienceView

Company: AudienceView

Position: Junior Accountant, Glabal A/R and Collections


Apply By: November 30th, 2019


Job Type: Full Time


Salary Range: 40k-45k

BayStreet Job ID: 



Location: Toronto


The Company:

AudienceView is an organization of people who are passionate about the business of Live Events. We create industry-leading software solutions that fuel attendee engagement, ticket sales and advertising solutions for more than 8,000 performing arts, music, sport and education venues in 16 countries around the world. AudienceView employees share a vision to help entertainment organizations deliver exceptional experiences for people who love live events. We achieve this through innovative technology, popular media brands, effective distribution strategies and a dedicated team of experts that help create customer success every single day.


The Position:

We are looking for a Junior Accountant Global A/R and Collections who will be responsible for managing the full Accounts Receivable cycle for multiple subsidiaries. Reporting to the Director of Finance, you will be accountable for ensuring customers are billed and receivables are collected in timely manner in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.



  • Accounts Receivable invoicing for multiple types of revenue

  • Customer communications to ensure timely collections

  • Contract execution: customer setup, review and interpretation of terms and conditions, creation of billing schedules and reporting and tracking service milestone achievements

  • Assist with treasury management, including deposits, account reconciliations and settlements

  • Interact with international customers, vendors and employees

  • Work with multiple currencies, time zones, sales tax regulations and tax forms

  • Assist and support the Finance team on special projects as needed

  • Continuous improvement for process and new tools

  • Assistance with audits, tax compliance, other initiatives

  • Implement best practices in accounting and reporting



  • Post-secondary degree or diploma

  • Full cycle Accounts Receivable experience

  • Experience with NetSuite considered an asset

  • Strong mathematical skills and ability to learn new software applications

  • Strong communication and analytical skills

  • A positive attitude, willingness to be flexible, desire to contribute to team objectives

  • MS Office skills including Excel, Word, Powerpoint

  • Detail oriented, organized, able to meet deadlines, able to prioritize multiple tasks

  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team

My Job 138期:

Intermediate Accountant - Jones. Thomblison LLP

Company: Jones. Thomblison LLP

Position: Intermediate Accountant


Apply By: November 15th, 2019


Job Type: Full Time


Salary Range: $55k + RRSP 2% match + bonus


When Start: ASAP


Highlight Experience:2-3 years medium-size firm experience

BayStreet Job ID: 



Location: Burlington


What We Expect: 

  • 400+personal tax returns (e.g. self-employee, rental income, investment income);

  • 100+corporate tax returns;

  • full accounting cycle - from bookkeeping to financial statements;

  • Notice to reader (no assurance necessary);

  • Knowledge of CaseWare and Quickbook, SimplyAccounting 

  • CPA is an asset but not required; 

  • Genuine interest in taxation


Ability to complete the following engagements confidently with minimal supervision: financial statements preparation (NTR), corporate and personal tax returns-Review, investigate and correct discrepancies and irregularities in financial entries, documents and reports-Establish charts of accounts and prepare entries for posting to accounts-Summarize current financial status by collecting information and preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statements and other relevant reportsPayroll, HST and corporate tax account reconciliations as needed.-Preparation and filing of information slips and summaries (T4, T5)-Inquiry, discussion and analysis with client to assess reasonableness of for expenses, revenues, capital asset additions, accounts payable, accounts receivable and prepaid expenses-Liaise and correspond professionally with clients, colleagues and the firm leadership team-Set-up files for new clients and newly incorporated businesses, manage multiple files simultaneously and conduct inventory counts


Minimum requirements:

  • 2 to 4 years of CANADIAN public accounting experience

  • Strong experience performing Notice to reader, and T1&T2

  • CPA Designation is an asset but not a requirement

  • Strong communication (verbal and written) skills  

  • Genuine interest in taxation